Per Håkan Börjesson

Per H Börjesson is a recognized Swedish investor, entrepreneur, and author, frequently lauded as the ‘Swedish Warren Buffet’ for his investment strategy and having authored “This is how Warren Buffett became the richest person in the world” “Så här blev Warren Buffett världens rikaste person” as well as several books on how to become a millionaire. He authored the following Swedish bestsellers: “Så här kan alla svenskar bli miljonärer” , Så här får du ett rikt liv som pensionär : sluta pensionsspara! and "Så här blir du miljonär i hängmattan".

Currently, he is the CEO of Investment AB Spiltan and serves as a member of the board in Investment AB Spiltan, Bröderna Börjessons Bil AB, Pepins Group and Spiltan Fonder.

The Warren Buffett of Sweden

Per Håkan Börjesson shares his recipe to become millionarie, his investment strategy and what he think about blockchain and crypto currencies

”If a business does well, the stock eventually follows”

– Warren Buffet

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She shares her experiences and knowledge as a financial strategist and investor.

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