This is Cornelia Gustafzon

Cornelia’s interest in investment began in her teens, inspired by her mother who traded regularly in equities and funds. Her mother began investing in emerging markets early on and was interested in the people behind the companies; their culture, mindset and their view of business and money.

Her own thoughts and reflections

Cornelia’s channels are designed to empower people towards financial freedom in an effort to contribute to a better economy for all. Cornelia Gustafzon is a Swedish financial strategist, investor and analyst and shares her experiences and knowledge to help you take control of your finances, get the right mindset and start investing

“Spending is the main reason why people don’t achieve financial freedom”

Cornelia Gustafzon

keys to success

Cornelia has a background in finance and has advised some of Sweden's wealthiest entrepreneurs over the past 10 years on financial planning, asset management and corporate activities.

“Trading and building a stock portfolio is exciting and is a little like shopping”

Cornelia Gustafzon

“Fear and ignorance prevent many from creating a scalable financial structure and to build wealth”

Cornelia Gustafzon

achieve a better economy

She is driven by helping people achieve a better economy and increased awareness of their finances and investments. She thinks that everyone deserves to feel safe with their finances.

financial strategist & investor

Cornelia shares her experiences and knowledge as a financial strategist to help you take control of your economy and start your journey to financial freedom. She is the co-founder of the consulting group Cornelia Invest, Cornelia Pr & Kommunikation and Cornelia News

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful idiots are always asking, “What's in it for me ?”

Ziad K. Abdelnour

Swedish Shareholders' Association

Cornelia is an analyst for the Swedish Shareholders' Association “Aktiespararna”, which is an independent organization working in the interests of private individuals who invest in stocks, mutual funds and other stocks-related securities. The organization was founded in 1966 and has today more than 60 000 members divided into 150 different local associations throughout the country.